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    Jason Lasky, Head of Audio

    Described as a modern-day Magellan & Renaissance Man, Jason is a published playwright, international stage & screen actor, award-winning director, voiceover artist, in-demand workshop leader, guitarist, 17-year teaching veteran, and lasagna master. He holds an M.Ed. in IB Education, an MFA in Writing for Stage and Screen, a black belt in karate, and he trained at the Actors Studio Drama School. His short film, “rise- butoh artsakh-“ was included in The First Georgian Movement Theatre Festival. Currently, based in Armenia, he is collaborating with international artists under the HOVQ Foundation as part of Dilijan’s artistic rebirth and is producing multiple audio projects under Honey to Your Ears. With his wife Svetlana he is the co-founder of the Lasky Wellbeing Approach. www.jasonlasky.com


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    Svetlana Lasky, Creative Director


    A veteran international project manager, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Svetlana prides herself on her visionary prowess and shrewd business acumen, which is only rivaled by the hugeness of her heart. She holds a Masters of Economics and an M.Ed. in IB Education. Her first play, co-written, co-directed, and co-produced with Jason, was translated into Chinese and played to a sold-out audience. Her initiatives with the HOVQ Foundation in Dilijan have led to international music and dance collaborations. With her husband Jason she is the co-founder of the Lasky Wellbeing Approach, whch is at center stage of her masters thesis about wellbeing in international schools.




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    Armenia: +374-9317-9926 / US: 845-243-5942